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Congratulations on your decision to wear Chiro Orthotics.


Most people have no problem settling into their orthotics provided they follow our break-in instructions. Some even rush ahead and wear them all day, despite our advice to go slowly. However, about 4% of new owners have a problem or a question, and they ring us for advice.


We encourage anyone with any questions or problems to call us sooner, rather than later. Nearly always we can help you get past that hurdle. If you don't contact us, we can't help you. This section contains plenty of useful information on getting the best value from your new orthotics. In fact, we suggest you come back and visit this section from time to time.


Your orthotics should be with you for many years. Generally, they'll require no special maintenance other than the occasional 'reverse bend' to raise the arch and restore the memory in the flex. Forgotten this? Please re-read the instructions right through.


Wihin this section we give advice on footwear, on how to resolve any problems you may encounter, how to get the best from your orthotics and a few other tips.


If you'd like to share your experience with others, please send us a letter or email describing what problem you were suffering and how Step Forward assisted. We'll post it on our testimonials page. Have a look at what others have written to get in the mood!


Happy walking!